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  • Hi Traders

    I am going to share with you a visualization technique that has the potential to change your mindset toward trading from failure to success if done properly and consistently.

    You must see yourself […]

  • Hi TradersPrice has reached the 61.8 fib level where it appears to be finding some resistance on the 1.00300 major psychological number. Price has slowed down it’s momentum and the pins on the candles have turned […]

  • Hi TradersEURUSD has reached the 61.8 fib level of our wave. Price appears to be slowing down and is holding above the 1.06400 major psychological number. I am waiting to see some sort of reversal signal before I […]

  • Hi TradersUSDCAD has broken out the top trendline which is a signal that price is going to continue with the uptrend. Price is currently pulling back to test the trendline.I will wait for price to test and present […]

  • Hi TradersEURJPY is forming an inverse H & S pattern on the H1 chart. As you can see my entry here is very aggressive but it also offers me a nice R:R if it plays out. Traders should wait for price to break the […]

  • Hi TradersGBPJPY is looking like it ready to make a move up. Price has hit my marked off demand zone and has tested it for a second time and appears to be making a double bottom. My entry here is extremely […]

  • Hi TradersGold has made quite a strong rally of 500 pips breaking through any kind of support/resistance. Price is currently testing the 1250.00 level and has tried to break through but got pushed straight back […]

  •  A Looming Trade War China’s government has been seeking advice from its think-tanks and policy advisers on how to counter potential trade penalties from U.S. President Donald Trump, getting ready for the worst, e […]

  • Hi TradersEURUSD is trading within this upward channel. Price has double topped at the top end of the channel so I have sold it down for 50 pips.When price does eventually get to the lower end of the channel we […]

  • Hi TradersUSDJPY is setting up nicely for a buy. Price has retraced to the 61.8 Fib where it appears to have found some support. As you can see on my chart we have a double bottom formation on the 61.8 Fib and […]

  • Hi TradersAUDUSD has completed this inverse H&S patter. Price has broken the neckline and appears to be holding above the neckline.The FOMC interest rate decision tonight is going to be a big determining factor as […]

  • Hi everyoneI’ve had my eye on this pair for a while now and it appears to be presenting a nice buy opportunity. Price has respected the 61.8 fib level and has completed what appears to be triple bottom formation […]

    • I think it’s an awesome buy – my only worry is the possible “M” formation that is taking place on the daily time frame which would suggest a downward movement of at least another 280 pips

  • Hi GuysI believe this pair has completed it’s downward corrective structure. Price is currently operating around 61.8 fib level. We will need to wait for price to break through the descending channel it currently […]

  • 1.     “Money management = important”. Deciding how much you risk on each trade is just as vital to long-term success as any other important aspect of trading such as entry and exits.
    2.     “My strategy is […]

  •  Hi Guys.Ok so here is a simple trade idea, it’s pretty self explanatory. Price retraced to the 61.8 fib and had quite a strong push down. We currently have a H & S pattern forming so we can pull the sell trigger […]

  • Hi Guys. GBPAUD is currently setting up a for a buy. Price still has room to push lower to around 1.6100. I would advise not to be aggressive in this trade. Let’s wait for price to complete the ‘e’ leg and then […]

    • I am watching this, entering too early is dangerous because sometimes the whole setup get broken then you get screwed

  • Hi Guys. I’ve had my eye on this pair for a long time and price is finally completing some patterns that are confirming a buy. Firstly EURNZD has completed the ‘e’ leg of the ending diagonal and is now in the […]

  • Hi Guys. GBPUSD is in a daily corrective structure making a C wave up. I am expecting the C wave to push higher. On the lower time frame it appears price has made an expanding flat and appears to be forming an […]

  • Here we have GBPJPY on the 4 hour timeframe. Price is currently bouncing within the triangle but is about to breakout. As you can see on the chart it will depend on which way price breaks from the triangle that […]

  • Nick Wentworth wrote a new post, GBPJPY 1 year ago

    I’m tracking this pair as it appears to be completing the final leg of this Gartley pattern. These harmonic patterns are simply an ABCD wave correction as you can see has been marked off on the chart. They also […]

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