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  • Millionaire Challenge
  • DayTrader v2.0
  • Fox Strategy

The Strategy

The Millionaire Challenge will be based on the DayTrader 2.0 strategy but with a much different approach to money management. You can find more info on the millionaire challenge on this post. You can also view updates on the account in this forum. Lastly, the account performance is verified by Myfxbook here and you can also read more on why it is on Myfxbook here.


The challenge is high risk high reward and you should not connect to this account unless you have read the posts regarding it. We could open up to 4 trades per day at around 5% risk per trade. No orders are held overnight and all orders come with strict stop orders in place.

The Strategy

TheBank DayTrader v2.0 is a trading system that is based on Werner’s “5 Point Day Trading” strategy. The 5 Point Day Trading strategy is a momentum trading strategy or MOMO Play, as professional traders say. The strategy is based on Momentum, Acceleration, Trend, Breakouts and Trading Sessions or Time. The main idea behind the strategy is to capture as much of the European trading sessions movement, and if the market is in your favour, the US session as well. The Strategy will enter orders based on a particular symbol’s momentum and close the order if that momentum is dissipating. You can learn how to trade this strategy manually by yourself with the DayTrader v2.0 Course.


The strategy could open 4 orders on any given day on EURUSD or on GBPUSD Forex pairs but is limited to one trade per pair. Orders will close out before the trading day has ended to avoid swaps and weekend risk. Stop and Profit orders are in place and vary from trade to trade based on the Asian session movement.

The Strategy

This trading system is based on Mikhail’s Fox trading strategy. We look for the true trend and market structure based on valid highs and lows. Entries are based on Fibonacci retracements and momentum break outs. This system is based on pure naked trading and only price action. We follow the institutional order flow and take advantage of discount prices within the market. You can learn how to trade this strategy manually by yourself with the Fox Strategy Course.


We typically risk 0,5% per trade and look to make 0,5% profit. The strategy should ensure high win ratios. Typical trades per day can be anything from 3 to 10 trades. The trading session begins at 8am and finishes round 3pm. No trades are held overnight. Stop losses and Take Profits vary between pips. Position sizing ensures accurate risk management with every order placed.


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  • What is Auto Trading? How does it work?

    Auto Trading is a free service for all BankTraders. It connects your trading account directly to one of our trading servers which will result in you receiving the same trades that gets executed on our accounts.

  • Which accounts can I connect?

    You can connect any LIVE account that has been registered with TheBankTrader.

  • Can I still trade on my account after it is connected?

    Yes, you will still have full trading capabilities. You can still open, close and manage your own orders.

  • How can I distinguish between my own orders and those from Auto Trading?

    You can view your open and closed trade comments, the trade comment will be the name of the strategy that placed the trade.