I just placed a sell order on USDCAD thanks after looking at @cyprian post:

I still think price will reach 1.38079 in a form of “Double tops” during the current uptrend, I’m still going with me sell around 1.31869 – 1.32762 entry

My entry is just below the weekly 61.8 fib on the previous daily swing low. It area is quit volatile and there could still be quite a few big orders lying around there. My stop is well protected with quite a few resistance levels. The only problem I have is that there is a chance that price might not reach my entry as there is a big resistance zone just below my entry starting at 1.2965.

Currently my order is:

  • ENTRY:     1.32207
  • STOP:          1.345
  • PROFIT:     1.27855

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